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The federal contracting market can be both highly lucrative and significantly challenging.
We assist small businesses in reducing their learning curve and competing for federal work
more efficiently and more effectively with a simple (yet powerful) 3-step approach. This
process will accelerate your path to competitiveness.

Federal SEO Report

We analyze the federal market to determine the most frequently utilized keywords, phrases, descriptions, etc. leveraged by contractors winning work in your sector and the federal buyers that write the award descriptions and post the jobs on Using this methodology, we ensure your small business federal profile has maximum visibility and is optimized for competitive differentiation.

Federal Market Analysis Report

Based on the information you provide about your organization; we utilize keywords and industry codes to uncover the best contracting opportunities with the federal customers that buy the way you sell. This includes detailed analysis of federal customers that purchase using non publicized means, specifically from small businesses, utilizing transaction methods that fly under the radar unless you know where to look. This report includes analysis, a custom-design “Dynamic Data Dashboard” that lets you filter and refine the data, and a custom-developed email template.

Using the intelligence gained from the FSEO and Market Analysis research efforts, we work with you to update and optimize your System for Award Management (SAM) and SBA Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS) profiles. When we’re done, your registrations will be reactivated for a full year, and they will be optimized for visibility and competitiveness based on the extensive research we’ve conducted about your federal industry, competitors and clients.

Capabilities Portfolio

According to the SBA, you need four marketing assets for federal contracting.

The FCA Capabilities Portfolio includes:
– Custom-Designed Capabilities Statement,
– Custom-Designed Capabilities Briefing,
– Custom Designed Capabilities Response Template, and
– Custom Designed Capabilities Brochure.

Client Portal, Video Coaching and Engagement Strategy

As each of the above-listed items is completed, a video recording of the delivery and training associated with each deliverable will be uploaded to your custom, secure Client Portal. The Client Portal is your secure, single on-demand source to access all your federal research and artifacts.

Comprehensive Federal Engagement Strategies

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